In my life - Original watercolor painting - Carla

This illustration represents everything we love in life. All illustrations are original and unique, are made ​​through your "likes".

I use a high quality matte paper with 240g and watercolor.
Paper size: 8,26x11,69 inches or 21x29,7cm (A4)

1 - Your name (can be only one)
2 - Fisical description of you
Hair: short, medium, long and color
Eyes: Color
Options: glasses, mustache, beard
Another option is to send me a picture to g.isforgrow [!at]gmail.com or send me a link with your photo.

3 - Please send all "Likes"
For this illustration Carla wrote, I like: My two daughters (Rita and Joana), photograph, photographs, frames, music, books, brac, fabrics, crafts, design, decoration, sightseeing, daylight, eating, numbers 5, 17, 20 and 22, and blue.

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